Manual Capacity

Sevtek Engineering Services
Unit 3T Innsworth technology Park
Gloucestershire,   GL3 1DL
Tel 01452 730457
Fax 01452 731706

This is a brief description of our manual machines...

 Dot05 Manual Turning
    VDF 2.5 m between centres, 380 mm swing, 280 swing over cross slide, spindle bore 62.5 mm
    Colchester 1500 between centres, 380 mm swing, 230 over cross slide, spindle bore 55 mm
    C.V.A. Toolmakers lathe 720 mm between centres

 Dot05 Manual Milling
    TOS FNK25A - with digital readouts Height under nose 460 mm, 120 mm quill
    Ajax Horizontal /Vertical milling machine

 Dot05 Jig Boring
    Kearns Horizontal with digital readout X670, Y320, Z260

Dot05 Cylindrical Boring
    Precimax Universal 48” between centres, swing 250

 Dot05 Surface Grinding
    Jones & Shipman 700 x250 x310 under wheel

Dot05 Sawing
    Amada HA 250 automatic bandsaw - max 250 dia
    Sawmaster - max 150 dia

 Dot05 Slotting

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