Milling Capacity

CNC Milling Capabilities

Our CNC milling is based around the Hurco range of machining centres due to the ease and speed of programming, setting and operating their Ultimax control

 Dot Hurco VMX 24 Vertical machining centre  (2 off)
24 Station ATC, 10,000 RPM X610, Y508, Z610 strokes
 Dot02 Hurco VMX 30 Vertical machining centre
24 Station ATC, 8,000 RPM X760, Y450, Z610 strokes
 Dot03 Hurco VMX 20 Vertical machining centre (2 off)
16 Station ATC, 4,000 RPM X560, Y356, Z356 strokes

 Dot03 Hurco VMX 2 Vertical machining centre
16 Station ATC, 10,000 RPM X1016, Y457, Z457 strokes

Dot03 Hurco VMX 3 Vertical machining centre
16 Station ATC, 8,000 RPM X1270, Y570, Z570 strokes

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The Ultimax Control

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