Sevtek Engineering Services
Unit 3T Innsworth technology Park
Gloucestershire,   GL3 1DL
Tel 01452 730457
Fax 01452 731706

The policy of the company is to ensure continuation of a profitable business and protection of jobs through its enhanced reputation from continuing customer satisfaction.

The policy is achieved by ensuring customers receive the service they have contracted for, and involves all personnel clearly understanding what is required and doing it efficiently and safely; using well maintained plant and equipment; ensuring supplies are appropriate to the contracted end use; and applying appropriate inspection standards throughout.

The objective is to get things right first time and every time, and provide "TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION".

The Quality Assurance system is developed to reflect the above and in compliance with British Standard BS/ EN/ ISO 9002 (1994), additional to compliance with other relevant statutory and safety requirements.

Continuing improvements to the system are ensured by the regular and systematic review of all procedures and problems and to which all personnel are addressed.

The Partner, Owen Cooper, is responsible for the achievement and maintenance of this policy which is issued and explained to all personnel.

The administration and control of Quality Assurance throughout the Company is the responsibility of Owen Cooper.

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